Ct Pregnancy Portraits

Written by Tara Peris
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In CT, pregnancy portraits are fast gaining popularity among expectant mothers. No longer inclined to wait until baby is born, moms-to-be are capturing their shapely figures on film. The beautiful curves of an expectant belly coupled with that luminous maternal glow just about ensure a spectacular set of photographs.

It used to be that baby's first photos were taken in the hospital, and a few months would pass before a professional was brought in for formal portraits. These days, expectant parents pin ultrasound photos to the fridge and start documenting life in its earliest stages. As part of this trend, a growing number of families are posing for pregnancy portraits.

Baby's First Photos

Pregnancy portraits can take many forms, although clearly mom's belly will be the centerpiece of most. Whether taken alone or with dad and the kids, these photos are an ideal way to capture a unique period of eager anticipation. It's tough to do this magical time justice so you need to hire a top-notch photographer.

More than anything, you should look for a person who makes you feel comfortable. Most shots leave you feeling fairly exposed, and you want someone with the professionalism and sensitivity to make you feel at home. Review portfolios to get a sense of different styles and poses and then work with the photographer to choose the outfits and settings that work best for you.

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