Ct Wedding Photographers

Written by Tara Peris
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In order to be successful, CT wedding photographers must have firsthand knowledge of the geography of the region as well as familiarity with specific reception sites. This allows for adequate preparation for the event, and for the most efficient use of time and energy on the day itself. Photographers who know an area well are able to draw on prior experience to work quickly and unobtrusively to capture the best shots.

There are all sorts of things you should consider when choosing a photographer. To be sure, you should spend a good deal of time reviewing portfolios from 3-4 reputable candidates and should evaluate photographers based on both their work and their communication skills. These skills aside, however, it is important to recognize that the most experienced photographer can produce poor quality work when shooting in an unfamiliar area. Weather conditions and the specific features of different wedding sites can pose challenges that only a local photographer can navigate with ease.

Local Experience

A good photographer can make due wherever she is. She can be flexible and versatile and can adapt to distinct task demands as they arise. A truly great photographer, however, need not fly by the seat of her pants to get by on a shoot. She knows the topography of the region and the distinctive features of major venues well enough to make informed decisions about when, where, and how to shoot.

Some of the best wedding shots are those that capitalize on the unique aspects of the site. Whether capturing Connecticut's spectacular natural beauty or the architecture of a church or reception site, good photography is predicated on solid composition skills. These are enhanced immeasurably when someone has ample familiarity with the area in which he or she is working.

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