Digital Imaging Software

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Digital imaging software is bringing new life to old slides! Digital imaging software and color slide scanners are allowing folks to convert all their old slides to digital, where they can then be preserved, manipulated, and sent like any other digital picture. In other words, with the help of digital imaging software, you can crop and clean up old slides, and then send them to your family over the internet.

Comparing Digital Imaging Software

There are many factors to compare when selecting a good scanner and accompanying software. For example, ease of use is very important, especially to older folks who may not be technically savvy. If you are buying a scanner for your grandparents, be prepared to show them how to use it.

You'll also want to look for software that is speedy. Scanning photos can actually take minutes per slide, which may not sound like much, but becomes unbearably tedious over the course of a couple of boxes of slides. If you have to choose between speed and price (and chances are you will) then always go with speed!

Alternatives to Digital Imaging Software

In fact, digitalizing slides can be so pricey and so time-consuming that many people are turning to alternate methods. One such method is a product called Slide-to-Photo. Unlike scanners, Slide-to-Photo takes seconds, rather than minutes, to convert slides into digital images.

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