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Digital Photo Library

Written by Jessica Duquette
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The Benefits of a Digital Photo Library

A digital photo library is essential for all graphic design firms. Having pre-purchased images allows designers to add images and graphics to projects without spending any additional money. The use of photos within graphic design has a tremendous effect on the finished product and further, the success of the piece.

A healthcare company has hired your design firm to produce a product brochure of their services. Without the use of a digital photo library you are stuck producing colorful but bland materials. How much more effective would this brochure be with the use of several medical photographs depicting the company's products at work?

Research Takes Time, Costs Money

Without an extensive library of photos you will find yourself spending hours searching for the right images. If you have the manpower to dedicate someone to image research than this isn't one of your worries. However with a time-sensitive project and only two designers you don't have that time to spare.

Additionally, without the use of the photograph library you'll need to purchase additional images for each project. This may not seem like a problem for you, but adding hundreds of dollars on to your client's bill could be damaging for your business. The more images you have on hand the cheaper your services and therefore the happier your client.

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