Digital Slide Scanner

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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A digital slide scanner can help you convert your boxes of old, dusty slides, into digital images that you can e-mail to your family and friends. A digital slide scanner and slide scan software can also give you peace of mind, because you'll know that your old slides are no longer vulnerable to fire, theft, flood, or cold. Finally, converting your slides to digital with a 35mm slide scanner will allow you to manipulate the images using software like Photoshop, which will allow you to experiment with "cleaning up" any flaws within the photo or the slide.

A Digital Slide Scanner as a Gift

A digital scanner can be a fantastic gift for an older person in your life. Chances are, your grandparents or great aunts and uncles have many treasured old slides, that they would love to share with the younger generation of your family. Wouldn't you love to see old photos of your great-grandparents, or your grandparents or parents as children?

A Good Digital Slide Scanner

What makes a digital slide scanner good? First of all, it should be quick. Converting slides can be very dull work, and the quicker it goes, the better! Also, the scanner should produce a great image, and should be relatively inexpensive.

Sadly, most scanners are neither quick nor cheap. Scanners often take minutes per image, which feels incredibly slow when you are in the middle of a big box of slides. Fortunately, new products like Slide-to-Photo are revolutionizing the process.

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