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Environmental Stock Photography

Written by Jessica Duquette
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For Classroom Use

Environmental stock photography is a perfect addition to your thesis paper on pollution. Without images, describing the catastrophes of nature may not have the full effect. As a strong believer of protecting the environment, you want your paper to have a lasting impression on all those who read it.

Through a brief internet search, you found dozens of websites that contain hundreds of images of nature. By utilizing these images you can show a dramatic before and after collage. Hundreds of pictures of the Exxon Valdez spill from March, 1989 will prove very effective and emotionally moving.

Integrating Environmental Stock Photography

Environmental stock photography encompasses many different topics. From pollution to tropical rain forests and global warming to plant and animal life, these subjects and more can be found on environmental image libraries. A thesis paper could benefit from multiple pictures, making image collections the affordable route.

Instead of purchasing each image individually, you can buy one CD with dozens of photos. Assuming the collection is royalty free you can use each of these on the thesis paper. The photographs, in combination with your extensive research will produce a complete depiction environmental pollution.

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