Jewelry Photographer

Written by Serena Berger
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A jewelry photographer may be called upon for advertising, personal, business, or insurance purposes. Depending on the situation, slightly different skills may be ideal. Whatever the case, you should be able to find a jewelry photographer who can take appropriate pictures of the jewelry you want.

The Attributes of a Commercial Jewelry Photographer

Commercial jewelry photography calls for a photographer who can showcase the dramatic beauty of a piece of jewelry. In some cases, this means featuring the piece on a model, and consequently being able to take stunning portrait photography. In other cases, this means being able to light the piece perfectly set against a simple cloth background so that the brilliance of gemstones is the sole focus of the piece.

If you have a particularly special or expensive piece of jewelry, you may consider having it insured. Part of this process may be having it photographed. While these pictures do not have to be works of art, you could consider using a professional photographer whose credentials will be satisfying to the bank or insurance company involved in the process.

Jewelry wholesalers may also want to use a photographer to take shots of pieces to use when dealing with retailers who are considering selling their pieces. While this work does not need to have the widespread appeal of commercial photography for an advertising campaign, it is still important to find a photographer who has a particular aptitude for shooting jewelry in order to show the intricacies of any piece. If you are looking for a jewelry photographer, the Internet is a great place to start viewing portfolios and finding out about artists in your area.

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