Lifestyle Photography

Written by Serena Berger
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Lifestyle photography features prominently in many magazines and newspaper publications. Many people love to read articles about home decorating, crafts, and architecture, and enjoy the images to accompany these articles. Lifestyle photography is a particular subset of the photographic arts in which some photographers with a keen eye for detail will excel.

Elements of Great Lifestyle Photography

There are many elements to great lifestyle photography. Some aspects are the same as architectural or landscape photography. Beautifully composed pictures of home and building exteriors, gardens, and lawns are very important in illustrating any article focusing on better living.

Interior details are also a significant element of photography for lifestyle spreads. A good photographer will be able to select the most impressive aspects of interior design and photograph them looking their best. Photographers can also design small interior settings to showcase crafts, culinary dishes, or single prized objects.

Lifestyle photography would not be complete without highlighting the people who live in a house or participate in an activity. In that regard, portraiture has a common element with lifestyle photography; but lifestyle often goes beyond, capturing the people in motion or involved in an activity. The human element is frequently the most important element in an engaging article on better living.

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