Magazine Photographer

Written by Serena Berger
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A magazine photographer can have many areas of specialty. Fashion photography, architectural photography, interior, commercial, or portrait photography all figure into a magazine. If you are looking for a magazine photographer, it should be relatively easy to find one in your area.

Some photographers freelance, and can be hired for a single job if you find that they have relevant experience. Travel articles, for example, can feature photographs which were not taken specifically for a magazine spread, but which showcase a region about which a writer was crafting a piece. In other cases, especially with smaller local publications, a writer will take his or her own photographs due to final constraints which prohibit sending a photographer on assignment. Finding photographs which have already been taken by a professional photographer may be a great way to get higher quality images with relatively little logistical or financial worry.

Editorial magazine photography is a field into which many photographers would like to break. As an editor or writer, you may come up with an idea of an image that would go perfectly with an article, and bring in models and a photographer to shoot that image. Finding an editorial magazine photographer should be quite easy with the aid of the Internet.

Finding a Local Magazine Photographer

Most local photographers who have studios for shooting commercial work or who freelance for magazines will have a portfolio online. You should be able to view samples of similar work for other companies or magazines to determine if a photographer is right for you. A good magazine photographer will then form a relationship with you and be available for subsequent jobs, adding convenience to high caliber work.

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