Male Model Photographers

Written by Rylee Newton
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Male model photographers work with people of all experience levels to create effective and dynamic portfolios. When it comes to pursuing a career in front of the camera, many people tend to underestimate the value of good headshots. If you want to be a model, you simply have to have the best possible portfolio. You need to show casting agents, photo editors and advertising executives your range if you want to work.

Unlike actor headshots, modeling photos need to be diverse, and they need to emphasize the entire body. Acting headshots are shot from the shoulders up while modeling photos are often full-body shots. If you want to get hired to work in the fashion industry you need to show people how clothes fit your body. Male model photographers know how to emphasize your best parts while downplaying any of your flaws.

What to Look for in Male Model Photographers

Male model photographers often work with a team of stylists. If you want to send a message that you "get" fashion and style, you need to exude a hip attitude in your clothes, your hair and your face. A good team never lets a model get in front of the camera without a full arsenal of great clothes and a great attitude. Always interview a photographer before you agree to work with him or her. You need to make sure you're feeling comfortable enough to let go in front of the camera.

The right photographer not only helps you get noticed in the fashion industry, but he or she can also help to open doors for you as well. Many male models have signed with talent agencies and management companies thanks to their portfolios. If you want to get your career off the ground you need to spend the time and the money to get the best possible shots. Once you get your shots back it's important to have someone else help you pick the right ones for your portfolio. Many times, models and actors need third party opinions when it comes to being subjective or critical about their looks. A friend, peer, agent or manager can help you choose your best photos.

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