Model Photo Portfolios

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you're trying to break into modeling, nothing is more important, professionally, than creating model photo portfolios. Your portfolio is your calling card. It provides magazine editors, print producers, and other professionals with an overall preview of your look and feel as a model. It's important to provide these professionals with a wide variety of shots in your book.

When my brother first graduated from college, he spent a year pursing a career as a professional model. I was surprised at the number of photo shoots he went through while getting his book together. He later explained to me that nothing is more important to a newcomer than model photo portfolios. You simply can't work until you create a book filled with professional photographs of yourself.

Get Noticed with Model Photo Portfolios

When creating model photo portfolios it's important to work with headshot photographers who have experience working specifically with models. These professionals have insight into current trends like no other professional photographers. The last thing you want to do if you're looking for management or professional representation is present an amateur portfolio. There's no other industry quite like the fashion industry when it comes to following the latest trends. The last thing you want to do is send out a portfolio filled with the trends and styles from last season.

When my brother was experimenting with the whole modeling thing I was very skeptical about the amount of money he had to spend on professional photographs. At first, my uncle, who works as a photographer for the Associated Press, shot his headshots for free. Then he hired a professional photographer who worked in the fashion industry and the difference was amazing. I didn't even recognize him! The right photographer can do the same for you.

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