New England Wedding Photographers

Written by Tara Peris
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The stiff competition among New England wedding photographers ensures that all couples can find quality photography services if they're willing to do the work. Background research may seem tedious at first, but it proves well worth it when it comes to making sure things run smoothly on the big day. It's the event of a lifetime and you can't afford to take shortcuts.

You may be wondering what it means to do background research and truthfully, different people will give you different answers on this front. Some people suggest that you look into a photographer's formal training and ask for a resume that lists college and art school degrees. Other people will tell you to focus on the portfolio that is before you, evaluating with your eyes and your intuition rather than a formal set of academic criteria.

Doing Your Homework

The truth is, neither one of these strategies is sufficient in and of itself. You could find someone who has gone to the best schools but is simply not skilled when it comes to wedding photos. Alternatively, you could find a photographer with an excellent portfolio of wedding pics, only to realize too late that he made a nuisance of himself at the wedding.

One of the more reliable tools for researching prospective photographers is a good old-fashioned reference. Look at sample wedding photos and then ask for references from prior clients. You can then inquire in person regarding what it was like to work with the photographer and how satisfied clients were with his work.

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