New York Wedding Photos

Written by Tara Peris
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In New York, wedding photos take all forms, allowing newlyweds a great degree of flexibility when choosing a way to preserve the big day. From traditionally posed shots to contemporary photojournalism formats, couples have a number of attractive options from which to choose. In addition to an impressive assortment of photographic styles, the city provides a range of great sites that make for excellent photo backdrops.

Wedding photography has changed a great deal in recent years. Digital technology has allowed for greater flexibility and enhanced special features, and there has been a shift away from conventionally posed photos. Although just about every couple will elect to take some traditional shots, most are drawn toward candid photos that reflect the atmosphere and spirit of the big day.

City Settings

In addition to choosing a photographic style, couples must select a setting for their wedding photos. Although the ceremony and reception sites are obvious choices, many New York newlyweds opt for additional photos taken at famous city sites. Whether choosing a quiet spot in Central Park or a great city view, there are a number of ways to commemorate the big day.

An experienced photographer will know the ins and outs of the city sufficiently well to make suggestions about when and where to shoot. You should spend some time looking at portfolios of New York weddings and use them to brainstorm and generate ideas. Once you have a sense of your options, you can discuss additional details with your photographer.

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