Ny Bar Mitzvah Photos

Written by Tara Peris
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The best NY bar mitzvah photos reflect both the importance of this pivotal rite of passage and the intimacy of the family relationships that have fostered it. A good photographer will capture the formal aspects of the service as well as the emotion and sentiment that pervade the day's festivities. It's a joyous day for all involved, and bar mitzvah photographs should reflect the true spirit of the occasion.

In NY, bar mitzvahs often seem akin to weddings. They have become increasingly lavish affairs with full-scale receptions, mushrooming guest lists, and all sorts of upscale trappings. Although these features certainly make for an enjoyable event, they are not central to the occasion itself.

A Suitable Approach

A bar mitzvah, like any religious rite of passage, is an event that will be remembered for a lifetime. With this in mind, it should be commemorated with a certain gravitas. A good photographer will balance serious appreciation for the day's events with levity and lightheartedness suitable to the occasion.

Most families want a blend of traditional portraits from the prayer service as well as candid shots from the festivities that follow. This combination allows for intimate, sentimental shots with family members and rabbis as well as informal pictures with other guests. As always, you should discuss your goals with the photographer at length to ensure you get the photographs you envision.

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