Ny Commercial Photography

Written by Tara Peris
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New York commercial photography is aimed at helping both large corporations and individual entrepreneurs compete for business in an increasingly crowded marketplace. The basic idea is to have professional photographers capture sleek, professional images that adequately represent the company and product at hand. When well executed, these images translate directly into increased profit margins.

They say that image is everything, and if this is at all true, it sure makes sense to invest in a good corporate photo. Just keep in mind that your image will only be as good as the person behind the lens. This means that you must make sure your photographer got the goods before contracting for services. Do not assume that someone who is well known as a portrait or event photographer will automatically be effective as a commercial photographer.

Developing Your Image

Effective commercial photography relies on a distinct set of skills and you must make sure that prospective photographers have hands on experience with this particular photographic style. Ask for work samples and pay close attention to the types of clients who have solicited services in the past. Their accounts should be similar to the one you propose, with regard to style, content, and size.

In addition to viewing portfolios, you should also inquire about special features such as airbrushing, slow shudder techniques, and overlays. There are all sorts of ways to craft a company image that truly stands out. You should work together with your photographer to discuss the full range of offerings and to develop the most effect commercial image.

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