Nyc Birthday Party Photography

Written by Tara Peris
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In NYC, birthday party photography is an art unto itself. Taking candid shots that are artistically crafted rather than reliant on luck is a skill that emerges with years of experience. If you want to truly preserve the party atmosphere, you'll look for a photographer with quality training and diverse experience.

Most freelance photographers love working at birthday parties because of the fun, upbeat atmosphere they provide. Free of the stress that comes with your average wedding or bar mitzvah, they can let their creative juices flow and simply have fun with their craft. Especially for those with a knack for capturing candid shots or working within a photojournalism framework, birthday parties can provide a rich forum for exercising ones skills.

Fresh Eyes

The key to finding a good birthday party photographer is to look for someone with vision and creativity. You're not looking for conventionally posed portraits or your standard wedding fair. You want active, energetic shots that bring home the good times of the event.

It takes some skill to find these shots and you must choose a photographer who has the experience to integrate easily and identify worthy moments. Your best bet is to review portfolios, and to look for someone who has experience with art gallery exhibits as well as traditional event photography. This combination will ensure that your photographer possesses the exacting eye you need to get good party photos.

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Photographer for 30 year birthday party this saturday


We need a photographer for 4 hours on Saturday evening 8pm-12 midnight March 19, 2011 in midtown NYC. Do you have any photographers available? We need rates including developing. Also we would likethe pictures taken in color with the option of converting them to black and white later on.

Please contact Mayra at 516-650-5026

Warm Regards,
Mayra Perdomo