Pet Photography

Written by Serena Berger
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Pet photography is a great way to showcase the animals in your family. Some people like to have simple, artful black and white photographs taken of their pets. Others enjoy whimsical pictures of their pets with props or fun outfits.

Pet Photography in Family Portraits

Of course, pets do not have to be alone in their pictures. A child may want to have his or her picture taken with a beloved pet, especially a new puppy or kitten. A family portrait might not be complete without a pet who is a constant and beloved companion.

Pet photography can be very different from any other form of photography. Ideally, you will be able to find a photographer who really likes animals and has a way with them. Patience is a key, here, since animals don't necessarily pose when you want them to.

If you are thinking of a gift to give someone you love, you might think of having photographs taken of their favorite pet. A good photographer will be able to ask you questions and give you ideas about what would be the perfect setting and style of the pictures. Searching the Internet will lead you to possible photographers in your area, and then you can look at their portfolios online to see if they have any interest or experience in pet photography.

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