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Photo Archive Online

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Photo Archive Online in a Pinch

A photo archive online could help you locate the perfect photographs for a client's new project. With only a week to complete the entire brochure, you're crunched for time. The research process has been known to take you at least two days; two days you don't have right now.

By eliminating the hassle of browsing through catalogs you can cut down on research time by more than 50%. You still need to design the entire brochure around the image, so the sooner you get started the better. After speaking with the client briefly you have a basic understanding of their needs.

Delegate Part of the Work

Consider another route by outsourcing part of the project. Many stock image companies contract with individual researchers. These people are skilled in the art of finding images. You could put them to work and have the results you want in a couple of days.

How does that help you get started on the project? You could always download complimentary versions of the images to help you begin preliminary design work. These images can be downloaded free from a photo archive online. Once your researcher has located the perfect image you can replace the temporary photo.

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