Photographer Web Sites

Written by Tara Peris
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Photographer web sites provide an ideal way to comparison shop for photography services. With minimal effort, it's possible to review online portfolios and to zoom in on the most promising candidates. Although it may be tempting to book services online, you should use web sites as a starting point for your search and conclude only when you've viewed work in person.

To be sure, the Internet has ushered in a host of favorable changes for both business owners and clients. It's now easier than ever to advertise a product online, and, from the consumer perspective, to shop around for the best deals. The online format is particularly suited to industries such as freelance photography, where the products are images that can be displayed easily on the Web.

Comparison Shopping Online

These days, most freelance photographers have their own web sites that showcase their work. Although some provide full portfolios and others provide only a select sampling of work, a quick look of your average site should give you a sense of a photographer's skills and style. Use these web sites to familiarize yourself with common approaches to photography and to hone in on what you'd like from the person you hire.

It shouldn't take long to find several good web sites, but bear in mind that your work isn't done yet. To the extent possible, you want to set up an appointment in person before booking services. You can use your consultation to look at the photographer's work up close and to hash out the details of your specific assignment.

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