Planning A New York City Wedding

Written by Tara Peris
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Planning a New York City wedding is no small feat. Ceremony and reception sites often must be booked over a year in advance, and the cost of even a modest wedding can be exorbitant. In order to bring your dreams of the big day to fruition, you must do your homework and plan carefully.

Planning any wedding is time consuming and difficult. Planning a New York City wedding, however, will test a couple's patience like nothing else. There is no dearth of city wedding resources, but sifting through them to find worthwhile leads can be a maddening process. If you couple this with the fact that there are literally hundreds of details to which one must attend, it's easy to appreciate the magnitude of the task at hand.

Seek Help

The only way to pull things off smoothly is to stay organized. If this is not your forte, consider investing in a wedding planner who can coordinate the details for you. Between booking a reception site, caterer, and ceremony officiant you are going to have your hands full, and this doesn't begin to cover the smaller details.

One of the best things about using a wedding planner is that, when it's time to attend to the details, she can direct you to promising service providers. Whether you are trying to find a photographer, florist, or DJ, a New York City wedding planner will be able to direct you to the best resources. You can combine her recommendations with referrals from friends and family to make a list of promising service providers.

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