Written by Serena Berger
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Portraiture is a very important photographic art. From standard posed family photos to beautiful artistic black and white portraits, there are occasion when having a portrait taken for enjoyment, for work, or to give as a gift is a necessity, and others when it is simply a great idea. There are many factors to consider if you are going out to have your portrait taken.

Portraiture can be done by most any photographer. Children's school photographs or portraits taken at a relatively inexpensive studio in your neighborhood or local mall can typically be printed in a variety of sizes, so you can get a number of smaller pictures to distribute to friends and family, and a couple of larger ones for parents and grandparents. Standard portraits are taken against a soft blue background, but many kids like having their portraits taken against a novelty background, which school and mall portrait studios are likely to offer.

Corporate and Academic Portraiture

There is also often a cause for portraiture in a corporate of academic setting. Executives need to have formal photographs taken for company use, or for publication in print or online formats. Typically instructors and professors also need to have portraits available for department or college/university use. Classic and elegant portraits of affiliated personnel can always give an air of class to an institution.

Portraiture can also be an opportunity for self-expression. An intentional (slight or otherwise) subversion of the conventions of classic portraiture can be a great way to express yourself for the fun of it, or to end up with pictures to give family or friends. Being the subject of a black and white portrait can also give you the opportunity to see yourself in a whole different light. A quick internet search will give you several portfolios of local portrait artists that you can browse if you are thinking of having a portrait taken of yourself or someone you love.

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