Professional Actors

Written by Rylee Newton
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Many people think professional actors have it made. They think actors simply stand in front of the camera, or in front of an audience in a theater, recite some lines, and call it a day, but nothing could be further from the truth. While there are plenty of people who make millions of dollars, own fancy homes and cars, and appear in all the popular magazines, there are also thousands of working actors, struggling for that first big break.

If you're trying to make it as an actor you have a lot of work to do. Not only do you have to perfect your craft and maintain your looks, but also you have to take responsibility for the business side of the industry. Many professional actors overlook marketing and promotions. If you want to get work, you need to generate hype and interest the same way you would promote any other business.

Tools for Professional Actors

One of the best marketing tools for professional actors is headshots and business card photos. These tools provide contact information and a photo of your head, neck and shoulders. It's an industry-wide standard to staple your resume to the back of your headshot. This provides casting directors with a listing of your previous acting experience, as well as your training, and your management or agency contact information.

Actors who want to break into the business often subscribe to trade publications. These magazines, newsletters and daily papers provide actors with information about their craft, as well as upcoming casting calls, industry trends, and ways to mingle with your peers. In addition, you can find all kinds of information about support services like personal trainers, acting coaches, and acting classes from these trade publications.

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