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Real People Stock Photos

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Consumers Want To See Real People Stock Photos

Real people stock photos are what consumers want to see. Forget swim suit models, six-pack abs and cellulite-free thighs promoting firming cream. Consumers want to see real people and real results.

For some weight loss companies this tactic has proved successful. By showing consumers who have actually tried the product and have the results to back it up, profits can soar. Why then are many companies repeatedly advertising the perfect figure?

Attainable Results

Since we are driven by surface beauty, many companies believe that by showing the impossible we will stop at nothing to attain the same results. What they don't consider is that after a one-time use with no results, the consumer gives up. Many times companies that use this tactic have very little repeat business.

Showing real people stock photos can help bring a product or service to reality for consumers. If you want the public to take your business seriously, invest in a collection of these images. Use them in your direct mail, website and corporate brochures. You'll see a big improvement.

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