Reunion Photography

Written by Serena Berger
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Reunion photography can be great fun. One of the highlights of reunions is comparing the Then and Now pictures of classmates. Often these are compiled in a booklet or online after the reunion to commemorate the event.

The Advantages of Professional Reunion Photography

Professional reunion photography can also make sure you get great candid shots from the party. While people will certainly want to take pictures themselves, it is likely that a professional will be able to take higher quality images. Especially with indoor and night photography, problems such as red eye or poor lighting are likely to plague an amateur photographer.

A professional taking reunion photography can also have people re-create the poses from their high school or college photos to make clever current contrast photos. Whether in black and white yearbook photos or color snapshots, it can be fun to see the same person in the same pose, some number of years later. These images are also something individuals may want to purchase copies of for their families.

It is easy to find a good photographer to take pictures at your reunion. A quick search on the Internet will lead you to a number of local possibilities. You can then browse the artist's portfolio to see examples of their event photography and make sure you are getting the quality you desire.

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