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Royalty Free Food Images

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Make Them Salivate

Royalty free food images is the solution behind making your restaurant menu more appetizing. If you are looking for an increase in your food sales there are several steps you can take. Images of mouth-watering dishes will have a direct effect on your customer's food order.

Though the dinner rush is usually profitable for you, the majority of customers order only entrees. They omit both appetizers and desserts. If you could encourage people to add one or two more items to their bill, you're profits would go up about 15%. How can you influence their orders without being too aggressive?

Effective Royalty Free Food Images

One way is to incorporate royalty free food images into your menu. If the most expensive dish on your menu is barbeque ribs, consider buying an image that reflects a full rack of ribs smeared in barbeque sauce. This dish will look so appetizing in the image your customers will have a tough time ordering anything else.

The same goes for drinks and dessert. Typically these two luxuries are passed on after a big meal. Consider sprucing up your menu with enhanced photos of chocolate cakes and frozen cocktails. This also could result in higher profit.

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