Royalty Free Stock Photography

Written by Lacy Carter
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The ins and outs of royalty free stock photography are not difficult to grasp. It is a system where you pay for selections from a stock photo library once, and then reuse, as you needed. It is the most favorable way for consumers to buy stock pictures, since they don't have to pay for the same image repeatedly.

Save Money with Royalty Free Stock Photography

Some photographers choose not to offer royalty free stock photography. This is not a reflection on their photos, but on their brand of business practice. Needle drop, or pay per use, fees quickly add up and incur annoying administrative costs for both the seller and purchaser.

Another thing to be aware of with stock photography is the pricing model. With royalty free stock photography it is not an issue since you only pay a one-time flat fee. Other paradigms can be a little deceiving. The price of business stock photos can at first glance look extremely low, but if paying per use, you are paying more in the long run in most cases.

Be savvy when buying the best stock images. Start with a stock photo search to locate the images and styles that your project requires. Once that is complete, don't forget that finding stock photos is only part of the process. If you at all expect to use images more than once, royalty free stock photography is the best way to go. Read all the fine print and license information to ensure that you understand what you are paying for and how you are allowed to use it.

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