Slide Scanning

Written by Stacy Chbosky
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Since their invention, photographs and photographic slides have been a way for us to remember our past, even the past we may never have known. Photographs of the great-grandparents we may never have met give us a clue into our own pasts, into who we are. The gift of family history is one of the most important gifts we can give our children, and photographs are such a simple, fun way to share that history!

The digital revolution is upon us. Most of us listen to our music digitally, take our photos digitally, and watch our movies digitally. It's a simple, convenient method for both enjoying and maintaining high-quality music and images.

Unfortunately, the digital age seems to have rendered so many of our older methods for enjoying images and sounds obsolete. Attics are full of boxes of cassette tapes, VHS tapes, 8-tracks, and photographic slides. The world certainly is not going to end if you don't get your old disco 8-tracks converted to digital - but what a terrible shame if you let your old slides languish in the attic, forgotten!

Slide Scanning Your Memories into the Digital Age!

Slide scanning is a common way to convert your precious slides into a digital format. With a 35mm slide scanner, you can convert the image into a digital format, and then use conventional software to manipulate and change the photograph, if you so choose. The great thing about digitalizing the image is that, once you have saved it to a digital format, you can play with the image endlessly, without fear of "ruining" it.

The Down Side of Slide Scanning

Slide scanning, obviously, has many advantages. It digitalizes your photographic slides, which gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the images are safe, even if the slides are ruined through flood, fire, or the simple corruption of time. Digitalizing allows you to save the image in a number of places, quickly and easily.

Slide scanning also allows you to share these digital images quickly and easily with a large number of people. If you come from a big family, think of how thrilled they would be to receive an e mail from you, of old photographs you may have of your mutual great-grandparents! And wouldn't your brother or sister love to get an old photo of themselves, playing in the tub, or showing off a favorite Halloween costume, or sitting in the high chair with cake all over their faces?!

Sounds great, doesn't it? Unfortunately, slide scanning is very,very time-consuming. Even with a top-notch digital slide scanner, slide scanning can take minutes per image. If you have boxes and boxes of old slides, the process of scanning them into the computer will very quickly become a boring chore.

Fortunately, there are now alternatives to slide scanning which produce beautiful images, in seconds. Products like Slide-to-Photo are revolutionizing the industry, and people are responding enthusiastically. Preserving and sharing your precious memories shouldn't be drudgery - it should be a great joy!

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