Sports Photography

Written by Serena Berger
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Sports photography is an exciting and sometimes very challenging form of photography. These are two basic distinctions within the genre of sports photography: action shots and posed portrait style pictures. Depending on the medium for which you are having the pictures taken, you can find a photographer who will be able to catch the images you want to represent athletes and other sports personnel at their best.

Action sports photography is most frequently featured in news publications such as local papers. It takes special equipment and film, as well as an experienced eye to take great pictures of athletes in motion. Only the best photographers will get optimally crisp and clear images which capture the pace and intensity of the game without being blurred from the movement.

Sports Photography for Professional Portfolios

Any team, from a high school sports team to a professional league, will also want to have compiled a brochure or other portfolio of their athletes with pictures from games as well as still shots. This may be used for promotional purposes or fund raising. A professional sports photographer will ensure that the caliber of images in the team's or athlete's personal portfolio is high.

Many athletes also have personal still shots taken. These can be held by the club to give to press any time someone asks for a shot, and could also be used for sports cards or personal use. An experienced portrait photographer, preferably with an interest in sports photography, will be the ideal person to take these pictures as well.

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