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Stock Images

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Cheaper Isn't Always Better

Stock images are a necessary evil in the success and growth of a business. The most affordable images aren't always the most successful, so shop carefully. The images you choose will define your company and either help or hurt the bottom line.

The competition among technology companies is fierce. Differentiating one vendor from another can be tiresome at best. People often rely on visual impressions when decisions become hard to make.

A Case of Stock Images

Company A hired a graphic design firm to create a professional website and brand image. To a third party this organization looks established and offers secure and reliable solutions. Granting this project to Company A would be a sensible decision.

Company B neglected to enlist any marketing help. Without a website and very remedial promotional brochures (devoid of stock images), this company, on paper, looks entrepreneurial and risky. Do you want the safety and security of your corporate data threatened by an inexperienced vendor?

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