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Stock Photo Library

Written by Jessica Duquette
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What's in Your Stock Photo Library?

Your stock photo library contains hundreds of images. You have used many of these photos several times on various client projects. Then one day you got a phone call from a stock image company claiming you've exceeded your usage limit on several images.

How can you have exceeded use on something that you own? You have the receipt and have since paid the credit card bill. In your mind, those images are yours to do as you please.

Hidden Fees

Be careful, this is a common problem for many stock image buyers. It is essential you know the difference between royalty-free and rights managed. Without educating yourself on these two different types of images you could find yourself in the same situation.

Only the royalty-free images in your stock photo library have unlimited usage. All others are considered rights managed and are priced on a per-use basis. Should you exceed that use you are subject to additional charges and can expect a phone call from the stock image vendor.

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