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Stock Photo People

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Dealing with Stock Photo People

Some stock photo people will convince you to spend the extra money and get a rights-managed image. If you are looking for vintage photographs, this may be your only choice. For the rest of your image needs, avoid graphics that are high in price with usage limitations.

As explained earlier in this site, rights-managed images are priced based on usage. Professional stock photo people will be able to explain why certain uses cost additional money. All vendors keep a close watch on rights-managed photos, so don't attempt to pay for less usage than your project requires.

Searching for Vintage Photos

Before photography was used for promotional purposes, very few companies thought to archive footage of everyday happenings. For this reason, finding vintage photography is somewhat difficult. There are several vendors that specialize in vintage-only photos. When all else fails, contact one of them. Hopefully they will have just what you're looking for.

We understand that occasionally, only one certain image will work for your project. In most cases this will be a rights-managed photo. If you should invest in this type of image remember to keep an accurate log of usage. Should you go over your initial estimate, you will need to contact the vendor and pay additional fees.

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