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Stock Photography Agency

Written by Jessica Duquette
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What Is a Stock Photography Agency?

A stock photography agency is essentially a broker for purchasing images. While there are hundreds of companies offering images, finding the appropriate one can be time consuming and expensive. For many companies, the most difficult part can be locating the right image.

A reputable stock photography agency will offer services to assist you in locating the image. By answering a few questions about your upcoming project, you could have a professional do the research for you. These people are well-versed in the art of image research, and can often accomplish the task in much less time.

Define Your Goals

Like surfing the web for your own images, you will be presented with both royalty-free and rights-managed choices when you use a stock photo agency. Be clear up front about your budget requirements and your expectations. This will prevent the agency from offering you photos that are unrealistic for your goals.

By informing the agency of your project plans, they can help you find a selection of photos in the right price range. Remember that rights-managed photos are priced based on usage. The less intended use, the cheaper the image will be.

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