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Stock Photography Company

Written by Jessica Duquette
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What to Look for in a Stock Photography Company

A stock photography company should be reliable and customer-friendly. For many design firms, thousands of dollars are spent each year on stock images. There are certain elements you should look for when establishing an ongoing relationship with a stock image vendor.

As your designated vendor, you plan on spending a significant amount of money each month on client images. The process in which you locate and purchase these images must be time sensitive and easy to use. When shopping around for a new vendor be sure to evaluate things such as: website navigation, accurate search functionality, simple payment processing and instantaneous and friendly customer service.

The Power of Search

Finding the images through an online stock photography company can occupy a considerable amount of time. For this reason the search function on any site should be swift and accurate. If you are getting back results from your search which do not match the criteria you entered, consider another vendor.

We all appreciate the internet for its accessibility and time-saving benefits, but there comes a point when nothing but a human voice can help. Does your vendor offer a toll-free number for you to call? Are their representatives friendly? Research all of these avenues before committing yourself to a relationship.

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