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Stock Photography Online

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Small Change, Big Results

Stock photography online is the best way to spice up an existing marketing campaign without a large investment. As mentioned earlier, something as simple as switching a photograph on a billboard will turn the heads of drivers every morning. People become numb to redundant visuals, so even a slight change can have a drastic effect.

A prospect may visit your website occasionally, but after the first few visits the content doesn't grab attention. By changing the header image to a different stock medical photo, each new visitor will re-read your home page. This will further solidify the message to your audience.

Free Trial Versions of Stock Photography Online

Stock photography online enables site visitors to sort through thousands of images. Many of these sites even encourage you to download a complimentary version of the image. This will help you imagine what the image will actually look like within your project.

By downloading a trial version you are taking the risk out of your purchase. You now know exactly how the picture will look on your website, brochure or direct mail campaign. Once you have decided to follow through on your purchase, you'll need to select an image size; the bigger the file the more expensive the purchase. This is necessary for accurate resolution and clarity.

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