Studio Photography

Written by Serena Berger
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Studio photography can take many forms for many functions. Essentially the only limit or definition is that this means having your pictures taken in the studio of a professional artist. This can mean getting portraits, product photography, editorial work, commercial photography, or any number of other specialties for personal or professional use.

Studios can range from single rooms to multiple settings. Some photographers will have an outdoor area as part of their studio. Though it may at first sound limiting, studio photography can provide many options from which clients can choose.

Advantages of Studio Photography

An advantage of studio photography is that the photographer has an extensive knowledge of the space. For example, the lighting in the studio is under their control. Working in their own environment, many photographers can employ equipment that they may not be able to bring to a site with them.

Though having the photographer come to your home or office may be more convenient for you, you should keep in mind the potential benefits of studio photography. Many photographers will have samples of photographs taken in their studios, as well as on-site. Looking at their portfolios can help you decide which option is best for you.

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