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Vintage Stock Photography

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Deepen Your Message with Vintage Stock Photography

Vintage stock photography is a creative way of depicting industry progress. Are you trying to differentiate yourself from a competitor? Have you made significant strides in your field that your target audience needs to know about?

Imagine a technology company that has built the newest, fastest and most accurate computer on the market today. When compared to last month's model, the two computers look the same. Visually, this is not a productive comparison, meaning readers don't know which of the two is newer, faster or more accurate.

Old Vs. New

Now imagine this innovative computer sitting next to a 1950's typewriter. Visually you can see the progress over the last 50 years. If you can associate your competition with the typewriter, those consumers will likely choose your product over another.

Vintage stock photography is not easy to come by. Additionally, these photos may be very expensive. Unfortunately stock photography and the number of uses available today were not considered years ago. There are a few vintage photo companies with pictures for sale, but you may find the prices aren't flexible.

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