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Vintage Stock Photos

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Vintage stock photos are usually found in black and white. Dating back to the early days of photography, very few stock image companies have a wide selection of vintage photos. While the market for vintage photography isn't as large as traditional stock images, the price for these photographs is typically more expensive.

Finding Vintage Stock Photos

Should you decide only vintage stock photos will do for your upcoming advertising campaign, contact your local stock image company. They will be able to show you what is available or how you can go about locating the image through another vendor. Some sites also provide additional researching services should you need further assistance.

Occasionally a vendor will have free research services. If you don't have the time to find the image you need, this is a perfect solution. Fill out a short questionnaire about the image you seek, and a researcher will contact you when the image has been found.

Read All the Print

Not all researching services are complimentary. Other sites offer additional help but do so at an extra price. Be careful and know what services you are soliciting.

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