How To Publish Poetry

Written by Joy MacKay
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Every aspiring poet finds themselves wondering how to publish poetry. You have taken time to hone your craft, and now publishing can seem like an impossible task. Perhaps you have even sent your poems away to publishers, only to receive a stack of rejection letters. Don't lose heart, or lose faith in your talent. You can learn how to publish poetry without having to send out manuscript after manuscript.

Why Publishing Poetry Is So Hard

Publishing houses receive thousands of submissions from aspiring writers. Often, they do not have the means or staff to fully give each manuscript the time it deserves. This often leads to just as many rejection letters being sent out--or worse, no reply at all.

Also, many publishers are looking for established talent. This can lead frustrated poets to wonder how to publish poetry, when they aren't given a fair chance to begin with. If you can't seem to get published, then how in the world are you to establish yourself as a poet in the publishing world?

Luckily, there is a solution to how to publish poetry in this tricky catch-22 situation. You can publish your own poetry, with the help of a digital publishing service. This means that you can receive the same high-quality book that you would publish elsewhere, but without the obligation or high price you would normally pay to self-publish.

How to Publish Poetry with Digital Publishers

The beauty of self-publishing with a digital publisher is that you gain editing control of your work. No longer do you have to worry about your poems being reworded, or distilled down. You can publish your poetry with the best editor imaginable--your own sharp eye.

For a fraction of the cost you would pay to self-publish traditionally, you can have your book printed. Many reputable digital publishers can offer you lower prices, because they have the equipment and means for quick turn-around time. They can also help you promote your book of poetry, and design the cover for your work.

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