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Written by Joy MacKay
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Have you been going through a tough time in life? Perhaps one of your friends or a member of your family has been discouraged lately. Inspirational poetry could be the uplifting force you need.

Why Inspire in Rhyme?

Maybe you are wondering why inspiration would come in the form of inspirational poetry. Maybe you have never really appreciated poetry, and can't quite see its value. What is so inspirational about a poem?

Poetry has power because of its brevity and potency. In a few short lines, huge volumes of wisdom must be condensed. This requires for quick wit and talent of wording, much like inspirational materials of old.

While not all poetry has to rhyme, it certainly helps your memory of it. When you can remember the inspiring words you need, you'll be more apt to find peace in troubled times. Ever recall a song lyric that helped you or your friend through an emotional time? Song lyrics are essentially inspirational poetry set to music!

Give the Gift of Inspirational Poetry

Perhaps one of the most important gifts you can give someone is the gift of encouragement. We count our friends by how many carry us through the storms in life, and can go beyond the pleasantry of conversation. When you give someone an inspirational quote, or story, you give them the ability to weather life's storms.

None of us are strong enough to make it on our own. Life hands out cruel rewards sometimes--divorce, death, illness. It's what we decide to do with this misfortune that truly makes the difference in our lives.

Inspire the Spirit

By simply browsing on the Internet, you will find the inspirational materials you need. Let the web guide you towards your own inspiration--for when your spirit is inspired, it is best-equipped to touch others.

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