Place To Publish Poetry

Written by Joy MacKay
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Most writers are looking for a place to publish poetry. In fact, many writers have been seeking out a place to publish poetry for most of their careers. The truth is that traditionally, there were few places to publish and they were hard to get published in.

Due to the internet age, this entire process has become easier. Now, you can find many a place to publish poetry online. From non-profit websites that promote poetry, to online digital publishers, you can see your poems in print.

The Best Place to Publish Poetry

I can't say enough about the merits of digital poetry. Years ago, for all my efforts and submissions, I was still relatively unpublished. My education in poetry and my advanced degree amounted to little in the world of publishing.

When I began to publish my poetry using digital publishers, my career as a poet took off. I was finally able to find a place to publish poetry, without too much cost or trouble. This enabled me to break out into the poetry world that I had previously been watching from the sidelines.

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