Poetry Book

Written by Joy MacKay
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Did you know that in her lifetime, famed poet Emily Dickinson did not publish a single poem? Her work was largely acclaimed after she passed away, and now you can find it in every single college poetry book text. Likewise, simply because you haven't had offers from big publishing companies yet does not mean that you can't begin to distribute your work in poetry book form.

You will want to be careful, however, about the types of publishing you choose. Self-publishing is a wonderful and viable option for most poets, if it's done by a reputable source. There are unfortunately, plenty of scams out there in the form of companies who value your dollar over your work.

Publishing Your Own Poetry Book

However, there are also poetry publishers online who will simply help you get a professional product out there. Many of these publishers use a digital format, which severely cuts down costs to you. Because of the ease of digital printing, and its professional look, you can afford to print your own work.

Once you do, the options from there are bountiful. You can decide to market your own work, or allow the digital publisher to take care of online marketing for you. You can submit your book for awards, to gain credibility in the literary world.

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