Poetry Contest

Written by Joy MacKay
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In the world of poetry, validation can be hard to come by, and a poetry contest win is one of the ways to attain respect for your work. The wonderful part of any kind of award your poetry wins is that it also makes your poetry more marketable. In fact, there are plenty of big-time publishing houses who will seek out contracts with award winning poets.

However, part of the process is choosing which poetry contest to enter. Many contests are little more than a free-for-all where competition is an illusion. These scams will make you feel as though you have won a poetry contest, only to publish every submission, charging poets high prices for a copy of the winning "book."

Choosing a Legitimate Poetry Contest

There are, however, plenty of legitimate poetry contests. However, competition for these contests can be steep, and you could experience a long wait before you receive the recognition you deserve. So how can you move your career forward, while still putting yourself in the running for well-respected poetry contests?

Consider taking control of the process by self-publishing your poetry book through a digital publisher. This is truly the lowest priced and quickest way to put your poetry into print, and you can then submit your book of poetry for awards. The awards that you will receive will help you gain the recognition, and sales, you desire.

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