Poetry Lesson

Written by Joy MacKay
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Sometimes, the words flow out of us in ways that are haphazard and hard to follow. I have been the student of more than one poetry lesson in my time. In fact, I emphasized in poetry during my time at a university.

The power of a poetry lesson is in its specificity. I was able to make my poems tighter, and benefit from the input of others. Most of all, I was able to learn the biggest poetry lesson of all: to believe that my words had merit, and to commit to honing my craft.

A Poetry Lesson for All

When you begin to write poetry, you too will have to learn the lesson of self-patience. You must believe in your own work, even when those around you do not. This means taking time to improve upon your work, even when it seems to already be more than adequate.

This leads to the second hardest poetry lesson of all: editing. Oftentimes, we grow attached to our work, and would rather believe it cannot be improved upon. However, by becoming a good self-editor with a critical eye, you can save thousands in the long run by avoiding the need to hire editing services from others.

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