Publish My Poems

Written by Joy MacKay
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Once, at a poetry reading I was doing for my second book, a 21 year old woman approached me, asking, "How can I publish my poems?" In her eyes I saw the same eagerness that I had at that age, when I wanted few things more than to publish my poems. I gave her the same advice that I am giving you: look into online publishers.

When I began to seek out means to publish my poems, I took my search online. A dear friend had experienced tremendous luck with this practice, and I decided to do so myself. When I saw how wonderfully they could publish my poems, I made my order.

Why Should I Publish My Poems?

When I think about the benefits of being able to publish my poems, they are manifold. First, I can publish my poems in book form, which lends credence to the work itself. Secondly, I can submit those books for contests and awards, which means greater recognition, and sometimes, a publishing deal from a large-scale publisher.

Most of all, I am finally able to see my poems in print. I'm able to give those poems to others in book form. I even was able to list my occupation as "Poet" this year on my tax returns, because of the sales I made from the book online.

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