Publishing Poetry

Written by Joy MacKay
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When you become serious about publishing poetry, you can also become seriously frustrated. Perhaps you have realized that publishing poetry is much more difficult than it initially seemed. Maybe you have become discouraged by the process, and are considering giving up entirely.

The traditional publishing world is a difficult one to break into. In fact, first-rate poets have had trouble getting publishers to take their work seriously for literally centuries. So what can you do when you know you have talent, but can't seem to get published?

Publishing Poetry in the Modern Age

We have all bought books online, and perhaps you have even purchased poetry books online. What's stopping you from taking advantage of the same online marketplace as a venue for distributing your poetry? You can find online publishers who will help you promote your poetry book in the online environment.

What this means is that you spend less in publishing your own work, and you receive it with greater speed. You also are able to reach a broader audience--people you might not ever meet. The impact your poetry will have on those who buy it will be invaluable--and the initiative you take by self-publishing your book will be rewarding beyond words.

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