Write Poetry

Written by Joy MacKay
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When you write poetry, you don't simply do it for yourself. Sure, poetry can be a cathartic experience, and help you express and put into perspective your emotions and thoughts. However, we write poetry to share with others, to enjoy with our ears, and to inspire us during times of joy and difficulty.

Who Can Write Poetry ?

True, poetry is one of those arts that sometimes falls prey to elitism in certain circles. There are those who believe that all who write poetry must do so in form and rhyme. There are those who hold a firm belief that to write poetry, you must be using lofty language and complex ideas. There are equally as many who believe poetry should be pure and straightforward.

Regardless of your style, you can indeed write valid and meaningful poetry. The biggest problem that new poets face is that they tend to become overly critical of their work. Sometimes people feel that poetry is a difficult thing to write, and therefore have never attempted to write poetry more than once or twice.

The truth is, anyone can write good poetry. There are a few principles to think about, to make sure that your poem does hold meaning--whether in imagery, style, tone, or subject.

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