Advertising Posters

Written by Charles Peacock
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Advertising posters are one of the real ironies of modern decor. They're extremely popular, but who would have thought years ago that we'd be decorating our walls with advertisements for products from foreign countries, and even products that no longer exist? Due to the artistry of the people who created these ads, however, it is no wonder that people would want to feature them prominently in their homes and offices.

The Creativity Behind Advertising Posters

For decades, advertising agencies around the world have employed many of their countries' most talented people. From writers to photographers to graphic artists, the sad reality for creative types has often been that the only way to make money was to work in advertising. The upside of this situation is that we've been left with a treasure trove of beautiful artwork that otherwise never would have existed.

Some of the most popular advertising posters come from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when some of the most beautiful advertising paintings were being produced. A great thing about these older ads is that the products they're selling (from Parisian cabarets to Atlantic cruise ships) seem rare and exotic in modern times. Both the art in the poster and the actual product itself can be a point of interest.

The decades-old ads used in advertising posters are also usually irony-free. This can be really refreshing considering the sarcasm and irony-laden ads we're exposed to today. The images are purer, the statements more simple--even the colors seem brighter in a lot of these old ads. They truly are works of art.

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