Alfred Gockel

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Alfred Gockel's (b. Germany, 1952) abstract colors and swirls suggest energy, musicality, love and joy. Working primarily in bright, clear colors, his paintings represent joyful celebration. His paintings feature swirls of bright, typically primary colors, and strong, powerful black accents. His work is considered bold, musical, and highly distinctive.

Alfred Gockel practices a highly physical painting style, known as "action painting." His rich colors and fluid strokes on large white canvas backgrounds have created a fan base all over the world. Having his work purchased by high profile collectors like Michael Jordan has only intensified demand for this increasingly popular German artist.

Alfred Gockel: Unique Works and Graphics

Alfred Gockel's work falls into two main categories: unique works and graphics. Over two million open edition prints have been sold in the United States alone. In an effort to keep up with demand the world over, Gockel purchased a local German mill, and converted it into a gigantic graphic design center.

Alfred Gockel prides his work as being "pure" from political or social statements. He strives to communicate more universal themes of love and joyousness, or to convey the emotions of music and dance and physical movement. These efforts have served him in good stead: products ranging from sportswear to porcelain cookware now bear his distinctive graphic designs.

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