Canvas Art

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Canvas art, for most of us, is found only in galleries and museums. We wait in lines at galleries and museums for a brief glimpse of a Van Gogh or Magritte on its original canvas. However, there are now many ways to bring fine canvas art into the home.

Canvas Art: Replication Techniques

Hand painted reproductions are made by professional artists whose goal is to recreate perfectly, down to the brushstroke patterns, the original work of art. Not only do they use use the same colors, they also employ fully the technique employed by the original painter. Because of the human factor, no two paintings, no matter how faithfully copied, can ever be exactly the same. But differences should be minute and unobservable unless comparing directly to the original.

Print-to-canvas transfers are another canvas art option. An image of your favorite print is coated with a special acrylic that seizes the ink. This becomes an acrylic ink "film," which is then embedded into a top quality artists canvas. Because of the relatively smooth finish, this process works best for works of art that were relatively smooth themselves in their original form.

For originals that contain heavy texture, you might consider an embellished Artagraph on canvas. Artagraph is a patented, state of the art three-dimension replication process. Artagraphs are a combination of technology and meticulous handcrafting. The result is not only a perfect copy of the original's color, but also its surface texture. The result is a reproduction that is startlingly similar to the original.

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