Cityscape Posters

Written by Serena Berger
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Cityscape posters offer beautiful images of some of the most popular cities in the world, as well as some lesser-known urban gems. You may want to frame a poster of the skyline of your favorite city where you've lived or hope to live. Of course you may enjoy cityscape posters as art for art's sake, as well, even if you've never been to the specific city portrayed therein.

Many cityscape posters are long, panoramic shots, which capture the entire skyline of a city from a distance. Sometimes you will come to the conclusion that there is a particular size of print that would look good in a certain position in your house, and the dimensions of more common posters are not suitable. Often it is the prints that fit into the spaces above doorway arches or along hallways that are the most unique in your home, and a dramatic cityscape can be a wonderful conversation piece.

Panoramic Cityscape Posters

In addition to contemporary shots, you can find beautiful prints of cities from as early as the turn of the twentieth century. A black and white or sepia toned vista of Times Square from 1911 or Union Square from 1921 can be elegant and evocative. In contrast, since the attacks on September 11, many people choose to commemorate and remember with cityscapes of New York; you can find skylines which include the Twin Towers, or architect's sketches or artworks that include renditions of the Freedom Tower, which is currently being built.

If you don't like the look of photorealism, you can also find cityscape artwork in many other media. Water colors, oil paints, pencil sketches, and collage all have different ways of capturing the timeless romance or the manic bustle of a city. If you want to remember a favorite place you've lived or visited, inspire yourself to travel, or ultimately relocate, adding a cityscape print to your interior design can help you remember and beautify your home.

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